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Egypt Marks 1 Year on Mursi with Slogans “Leave”, “Legitimacy Is a Red Line”

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Protesters started since early morning flocking to the streets of Cairo in two camps, one under the slogan “leave”, which gathered at Al-Tahrir square and Al-Ittihadiya Presidential Palace, and another one under the slogan “Legitimacy is a red line”, which gathered near Rabiha Al-Adawiyah mosque.

After one year of Mohammad Mursi’s rule, thousands of protesters returned to Al-Tahrir square to form a million-man March, demanding the president to leave office and make early presidential elections.

Protesters chanted and raised slogans against Mohammad Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Public Committees closed the roads surrounding Al-Tahriri square and established entrances, and as part of the precautionary measures taken, tens of members searched people joining the protests and checked their IDs to ensure no thugs were present among them.

In parallel, hundreds of protesters gathered around Al-Ittihadiya Presidential Palace and set up tents in the area amid strict security measures and a wide deployment of the security forces.

In contrast, President Mursi’s supporters cut the roads leading to Rabiha Al-Aqawiyah square in the second day of protests under the slogan “Legitimacy is a red line”.

Mursi’s supporters also took precautionary measures, and searched protesters before entering the square to ensure that no intruders join the protests.

According to Al-Youm Al-Sabea (the seventh day), the protesters chanted slogans in support of Mursi and denouncing the opposition.

Moreover, the website published images for supporters of Mursi, dancing with sticks and threatening the opposition.

Flags for Al-Qaeda were also raised in Rabiha Al-Adawiya protests, according to Al-youm Al-Sabea and other sources.

Al-Azhar Calls for Having Self-Control and Avoiding Violence

For his part, Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyib called on the Egyptians to have self-control and avoid any kind of violence in Sunday’s protests.

In a statement he issued on Sunday, Al-Tayyib stressed on the importance of considering the higher interest on this day and avoiding any act which would harm this benefit.

Al-Tayyib had stressed on Saturday that the 30th of June must be a day for dialogue between opposing parts, and called upon Egyptians to act responsibly.

US Embassy Shuts Doors

For its part, the US embassy shut its doors to avoid any clash, and demanded its citizens to avoid travelling to Cairo, as sources said that it had evacuated its employees who did not work in security.

In parallel, Al-Youm Al-Sabea website reported that 88 US nationals in Cairo had left the country on Saturday and Sunday.

Source: Al Manar

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