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Egyptˈs Morsi strongly condemns zionist crimes against palestinians

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Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi strongly condemned Israeli atrocities committed against Palestinian civilians during his one-day visit to Germany, a key ally of the Zionist regime, according to IRNA.

Addressing the Koerber Foundation in Berlin Wednesday evening, Morsi labeled Israeli crimes unacceptable.ˈ

“The bloodshed of innocent people is universally condemned, now and in the future. The colonizing of the land of others is to be condemned as unacceptable, and the right to self-defense is also guaranteed” as a human right, Morsi stressed.

He lashed out at the Zionist regime for its repeated Israeli attacks against Palestinians and the shedding of Palestinian blood.”

“Children in Egypt have grown watching images of bloodshed and how aggression and killings taking place”, Morsi said.

This is about ˈthe conduct and manners, the killings and the aggression by tanks and warplanes and cluster bombs and internationally banned weapons against innocent people,ˈhe added.

Morsi said he witnessed also first-hand in 1969 a deadly Israeli bombing of an Egyptian elementary school and a train filled with Egyptian workers, citing this as another example of Israeli crimes.

The Egyptian chief executive made clear Palestinians had ˈthe right to defendˈ themselves against Israeli aggression since they had been ˈdeprived of their rights, dignity and land.ˈ

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