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Donald Trump Knows He Is Losing

Alwaght – US President Donald Trump knows that he is losing amid criticism of his administration’s response to a range of issues including the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing anti-racism protests in the country, multiple people close to him has told.

The sources told POLITICO that Trump has come to the grim realization in recent days as there have been several bad polling and warnings from some of his staunchest allies that he will not win the next elections.

Donald Trump has experienced what aides call the worst stretch of his presidency with his latest rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma last weekend, his first since March, becoming an embarrassment when he failed to fill the arena.

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday, Trump offered a bad response when asked about his goals for a second term. He also suggested the he might lose when he said former vice president Joe Biden is “gonna be your president because some people don’t love me, maybe.”

Following the interview, questions arose within his inner circle about whether he truly wanted to seek reelection.

Although the Republican president has still some time to rebound, and that the political environment could become better for him, interviews with over a half-dozen people close to him showed a reelection effort badly in need of direction, with an unfocused candidate who repeatedly undercuts himself.

“Under the current trajectory, President Trump is on the precipice of one of the worst electoral defeats in modern presidential elections and the worst historically for an incumbent president,” said former Trump political adviser Sam Nunberg, who remains a supporter.

Nunberg cited national polls disclosed by CNBC and New York Times/Siena over the past week that show Trump receiving below 40 percent against former Democratic Biden.

He also said that should Trump’s numbers again fall to 35 percentage points over the next two weeks, “he’s going to be facing realistically a 400-plus electoral vote loss and the president would need to strongly reconsider whether he wants to continue to run as the Republican presidential nominee.”

And in the week since the Tulsa rally, Trump has grudgingly admitted that he is lagging behind, according to three people who are familiar with his thinking.

In order to increase his chance of winning, Trump has expressed willingness to add more people to the team and held several meetings recently with a focus on his efforts in individual battleground states.

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