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Disillusioned Netanyahu Wants ’Real Diplomatic Solution’ for Iran

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Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that he wants “a real diplomatic solution” to the Iranian nuclear issue, stressing the need to dismantle the Iranian nuclear program in full.

Crossing the world continents in an attempt to assure safety for his entity of occupation following US and Iranian historic phone call, Netanyahu said in his first interview to a Persian-language television channel – BBC before leaving the United States last night that the recent statements of Iranian President Sheikh Hasan Rouhani did not receive a positive echoes inside the entity.

However, Russia Today correspondent to the Occupied Palestine stated that Netanyahu is facing wide criticism inside the Zionist entity due to his speech at the United Nations, in which he failed to exert pressure over the United States via the Zionist Lobby active there.

Moreover, “while Washington and Jerusalem have the same stated goal of stopping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, there is a growing chasm over what might be the acceptable terms for an agreement”, the New York Times posted Thursday under the title of “U.S. and Israel Share a Goal in Iran Talks, but Not a Strategy”.

During his interview with US channel CBS News, Netanyahu blamed the Islamic Republic of Iran for the severe international sanctions imposed over it, attributing them to Iran’s continuous quest for nuclear weapons, in a clear bankruptcy of diplomatic speech.

On Thursday night, Sheikh Rouhani tweeted that “Tel Aviv upset & angry… because the Iranian nation’s message of peace is being heard better.”

The United States and other Western powers have shown an increased interest in engaging with Iran’s new president during the UN General Assembly meetings.

The West had repeatedly accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons, yet the Islamic Republic strongly denies the charges, streesing on its people right to develop the peaceful nuclear power.

Source: Al Manar

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