Devastating flood in Shiraz claims lives of 11

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Mehr News Agency – In its latest report, Fars Province Legal Medicine Organization reported that the devastating flood in Shiraz, Fars province, on Monday claimed lives of 11 people and injured 45 others.

ShirazHeavy rains have resulted in flooding in southern Iran as well. The city of Shiraz which normally experiences little rainfall was hit by a serious flood on Monday, with floodwaters sweeping away cars in central Shiraz.

Relief vehicles are rendering quality services to flood-stricken people in Shiraz in a way that governor and governor general of this province attended the scene of incident personally in the early hours. Many cars were swept away by floodwaters in ‘Darwazeh Quran’ district of central Shiraz, with fierce torrents of water sweeping away everything in their path.

Many people have been affected including tourists visiting the city during Nowruz period (Iranian New Year). The videos show floodwaters engulfing dozens of cars, and washing them away.

There are also reports that serious flooding has occurred in the town of Pol-e-Dokhtar in Lorestan province in west-central Iran. Several bridges have been swept away by torrents of water, and there are reports that many roads leading to the town of Pol-e-Dokhtar have been closed because of flooding.

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