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Defending a terrorist betrays Europe’s hypocrisy: Iran

Press Tv Iran says Europe’s recent outrageous expression of sympathy for a “recognized” terrorist clearly betrays its “hypocrisy.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh made the remarks to reporters on Sunday after the European Union, Germany, and France expressed strong sympathy for convicted counterrevolutionary element Rouhollah Zam who was hanged Saturday.

Khatibzadeh said the EU and its members back such criminals while refusing to apologize to the Iranian nation for their role in countless terrorist attacks that have targeted Iranians for years.

“Their hypocritical statements, therefore, is devoid of any value” in the eyes of the Iranian people and government, the spokesman added. Zam, who used to run the counterrevolutionary Amad News website, was hanged for corruption on earth, among numerous other crimes. 

He was convicted of committing offenses against the country’s internal and external security, spreading lies, abetting economic disruption, spying for the intelligence services of France and one of the regional states, cooperating with the hostile US government against the Islamic Republic, participating in propaganda activities against the Islamic establishment on behalf of counterrevolutionary groups, fueling violence during the 2017 riots, insulting the sanctities of Islam and acquiring illegitimate wealth.

Zam, who reportedly lived in Paris, encouraged rioters to arm themselves and taught them how to make explosives via his news feed. Telegram shut down his channel following the deadly riots between December 28, 2017 and January 3, 2018 in Iran.

The European Union has claimed that Tehran violated the convict’s right to due process, and accused Iran of using forced “televised confessions.” Germany separately expressed “shock” about the circumstances surrounding Zam’s conviction and what it described as his “abduction from abroad.” France described the execution as a “barbarous and unacceptable act.”

On Sunday, the Islamic Republic summoned the German ambassador to Tehran, who acts as the EU’s rotational representative to the Islamic Republic, and his French counterpart to the Foreign Ministry to protest their “meddlesome statements” in support of the terrorist.

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