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A decisive showdown is ahead between Iran and its enemies

NourNews Iran – Anyone who has the ears of Iran’s current leaders ought to continue counseling patience and wisdom, which to date have been well and wisely demonstrated, but also preparations for any ramping up of bellicose threats or attacks from the Trump-tards and their alleged Zionist allies.

Underneath it all – all the BS that is – former President Barack Obama does not think much of Joe Biden, the mostly demented, aging Presidential candidate who refused even to endorse Medicare for all, or ANY criticism of Apartheid Israel. A better, universal healthcare system in the U.S. is surely the number one domestic concern or wish of most Americans, and an end to Apartheid in Palestine is becoming a focus of many Americans, even if they are afraid of saying so and really don’t know much about Levantine history and don’t have much of a chance swaying the U.S. Congress to do anything about it, at least anytime soon.

Obama has allegedly described Biden’s approach to governance as “shambolic, disorganized and mean spirited”. Obama had the opportunity to figure Biden out, of course, because the latter was Obama’s VP. Biden’s nepotistic and probably criminal dealings alone with Ukraine after the coup there would have sunk any politician with a government that was not hopelessly corrupt and self-dealing. Given Biden’s perceived flagging mental capabilities, assuming he had a mind years ago, there is talk he may even be replaced as the candidate by Democratic power brokers, who are quite aware that just a serious slip up by Biden would likely doom his chances of beating Trump.

Desperation is the operative word in the U.S. now, which means times have rarely ever been so dangerous. There is desperation over the failures to contain Covid 19, desperation by Trump to get reelected amid some evidence he is hobbling the U.S. Postal Service so that mail-in election ballots won’t be effective in creating a fair vote come November. Desperation over the economy: is there going to be a “V” shaped recovery, and if not, what then? Desperation over a U.S. equity market trading at unwarranted, nosebleed record high levels. Desperation over continued riots, especially in the big cities like New York and Chicago. Desperation by millions of “average” Americans witnessing the evaporation of their jobs or the non-recovery of jobs already lost and their economic prospects going forward.

And worse, there are vague reports surfacing from Iran that the Trump Administration, frustrated by the recent U.N. Security Council vote expressing a desire to permit the arms control embargo against Iran to expire later this autumn, may mount an “October surprise” military attack on Iran. An attack that some no doubt inside the Trump Administration believe may bolster Trump’s reelection chances if only by way of deflecting attention from his abysmal record as President.

If ever there existed a worse cocktail of uncertainty and danger around the still somewhat unacknowledged certainty of decline on all fronts in the U.S., you’d have to be a genius to discover it.

America is not bereft of intelligent citizens, at least not entirely, even if Washington sports a mere handful of them. And for those with some sense, it’s difficult to imagine how attacking Iran or anyone else would help Trump. Is the U.S. public THAT stupid not to realize that yet another war in the Middle East would not result in the loss of lives literally “for nothing”, as one sage Iranian commentator has warned? More war is no feather in Trump’s red MAGA hat. And some Iranians have grown so extremely disgusted with U.S. meddling and sanctions and subterfuge over decades in Iran and the Middle East that they have said: “Bring it on. We are prepared.” Why? Because it seems many Iranians know what the final outcome would be despite their own horrendous losses if war should develop: The end of American influence and hegemony everywhere, and bankruptcy, too, in every respect imaginable. And Iran, if any nation ever has, has long proven it can take and survive far more pain, in some respects like the Vietnamese did long ago under U.S. attack, than most any other country.

The U.A E. in any event may have cut its own throat falling in with the Zionists (and the U.S.) longer term by establishing normal diplomatic relations with “Israel” and abandoning all support for Palestinian aspirations. Yes there was a quid pro quo involving the U.A.E demand that the Netanyahu gang give up the idea of formally annexing 30 percent of the West Bank, but Netanyahu in his overweening arrogance has already admitted he is not really giving up on the plan.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether other countries like Qatar or Bahrain fall in with the U.A.E. and also establish normal relations with the Zionists. But also consider that already hundreds of artists, poets, writers and intellectuals from Kuwait, Tunis, Morocco, Jordan, Oman and Bahrain have reportedly said they will boycott any awards and festivals hosted by the U.A.E. and end any contracts they have with companies based in the U.A.E. because of the collaboration with Apartheid Israel. Once a country’s intelligentsia turns firmly against a regime anywhere, the ultimate result, however long it takes, dooms that regime, whatever the force that may be applied to obviate dissent.

Anyone who has the ears of Iran’s current leaders ought to continue counseling patience and wisdom, which to date have been well and wisely demonstrated, but also preparations for any ramping up of bellicose threats or attacks from the Trump-tards and their alleged Zionist allies.

 by Martin Love

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