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Covid19 to save the economic crisis of world powers

NourNews Covid19 – Speaking at a conference entitled “Biotechnology Revolution, Economic Concepts and Governance” in 2001, Francis Fukuyama addressed the implications of the biotechnology revolution, including issues such as the aging of citizens, the effect of age increasing and elderly on politics issues, genetic manipulation, and how management of government and even examines religion and biotechnology.

Fukuyama also answers some questions. “The biotechnology revolution is more important in the future, … And I think they have very different concepts of governance. We have been able to find ways to increase human life span, but it is a nightmare that we have not been able to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and reduce its prevalence, as a result of this disease, an elderly population has been dependent on its family for a long time. They place a heavy economic burden on their families, citizens and society” And at the end of his speech he said.

There is hardly anyone in the world who has not heard of the conspiracy scenario over the covid19 virus. From contagion movie made in 2011 to the opening of the London Olympics, it all confirms the hypothesis that global politicians have decided to implement an inhumane strategy to control the human population!

Most people in the world believe that behind every policy, there is a hidden and mysterious intention with economic and political purpose are utilitarian and appreciative that serves as a tool for policymakers seeking power and ambition who do not prioritize citizens in their policies. This complexity of politicians makes people suspicious in their daily lives whether there is inhumane policy-making in the pandemic crises that target human health and life, or whether nature is involved us in this issue.

Among the most important responsibilities of any good governance can be mentioned: security, health and welfare. According to the Author’s comment, these three are in a state of common overlap. That is, if there is no welfare, security is endangered, and if there is no welfare, health is ignored!

Due to the increase in the age of marriage and the inflation caused by industrial life, we are witnessing a decrease in childbearing between couples in all countries of the world, and this has led to the aging of societies.

One of the important responsibilities of governments is to protect the elderly, which puts a lot of costs on governments, both in the welfare and health sectors, and given the current global recession, this has put additional pressure on governments. Basically the current situation and different opinions about the future of this issue and its simultaneously with the pandemic of covid19 have given rise to conjectures and hypotheses, one of which is the hypothesis of equilibrium of the population by this virus, which has different dimensions to study.

1. With the passage of history, it is possible to gain experience of balancing diseases. Diseases such as plague, cholera, etc., which have faced the same hypotheses and still have not found a clear answer to them. A plague that caused widespread deaths around the world during the 14th and 15th and 18th centuries. It coincided exactly with the food crisis due to the high population of the earth and has many similarities with our world today. A disease known as “black death” and even terms such as the god invisible hand mentioned in books and novels, which religious historians have sometimes called divine punishment.

2.For many years, Hollywood has been making movies for the world that refer to terrorist and military viruses. Terrorist and military attacks against governments that harm those people. Throughout history, we have seen the following hypotheses: Ebola, SARS, HIV, and now covid19! all diseases that carry the label of population-balancing wars. When we occasionally hear of bioterrorism laboratories and weapons and revelations are published in these areas, such hypotheses are not far-fetched. The elimination of the productive force of the rival country has chosen a suitable seat in the custom of inhuman politics.

3.In many academic books and articles, we see the suggestion of creating population-balancing diseases to control the population to restore global balance, which started by HIV.

Some analysts place a strong emphasis on controlling the power of governments in this way. This can be confirmed by the plague of 17th century Italy, which reduced Italy’s power and influence Italy in Europe, and today increases the influence of powers other than the United States, like China and Russia, and gaining power of countries such as Iran, Brazil, etc., could be the reason for the deliberate spread of the virus by powers that see the influence of these countries as a threat to reduce their share of the global economic cake.

4. An important hypothesis that is also very attractive is the hypothesis of preparing the world for digital life. Today, the presence of people in the city has increased environmental costs It has increased environmental costs, consumed more energy and fuel for cooling and heating offices, and etc. Reduce traffic to covid19, it can be considered a hypothesis to prepare the world for teleworking and digital life.

The hypothesis of re-creating economic balance and international political economy is one of the well-known hypotheses for political activists, who (John Coleman) point the finger of blame at the Committee of 300 in their theory, which will take power from countries by creating deadly diseases and It will take the opportunity to reach of economies are a few steps away from the US economy.

A theory that sees the rapid pace of China’s economy and its approach to the sick and slow economy of the United States, and will have debate over the impoverishment of Third World countries and Its desperation has led to the economic enslavement of nations by lending to compensate for the economic problems caused by this covid19.

Analyzing the elderly population forecast table in the book Strategic Outlook (US and the World Power Crisis) by Brzezinski, it is clear that the concern of this serious global politician about increasing age from 2010 to 2050 will be very fast and maintenance costs the elderly and their welfare, along with dependence on the young community, indicate a serious danger that worries the influential rulers of the world, and this means reducing the productive force and increasing the dependent and overload force!

Age – Population    over 65 years old       USA       USA      China      Japan

  Percentage of population in 2010            13%      17.5%      8.2%     22.6%

  Percentage of population in 2025            18.1%   22%        13.4%    29.7%

  Percentage of population in 2030            19.8%   23.8%    15.9%     30.8%

  Percentage of population in 2050            21.6%   28.7%     23.3%    37.8%

Prediction Table of Elderly Population in Strategic Vision – US and Global Power Crisis – Zbigniew Brzezinski

With the hot topic that became known as the Obama care plan during the presidency of former US President Barack Obama, the policy-making system, after carefully examining the cost aspects of the plan, was good for the people but to the detriment of the US government, Brought Trump into the election arena to eventually be silence this plan, and It is worth pondering, simultaneity the coronavirus spread coincides with the presidency of someone who opposed Obama’s health plan.

The cost of caring for the elderly in the United States only in their medical insurance department (Medicare), which is reserved for the elderly 65 and older In 2010 it was 523 billion dollars, in 2020 it will reach 932 billion dollars.

The interesting issue is that over the years, the Chinese have invested a large part of the BOT welfare project and the United States.

The United States had a population of approximately 328 million in 2019, about 16 percent of whom are the elderly over the age of 65, and the US state spends about 0.5 percent of Gross national income of country’s is spent on providing for the elderly.

The aging population is imposing heavy costs on the US economy, especially the US health and welfare of elderly is imposed and acts like a major crisis in the US economy.

The same issue is true for China. In Russia, Germany and many EU countries, the situation is similar. Therefore, if we want to consider the emergence of covid19 as a policy designed by the rulers, China will benefit a lot benefits of drastically reducing the elderly population and drastically reducing their expenses. In fact, the emergence of the Corona virus will bring the biggest and most effective wave of population and economic resource balancing to China in the next few decades.

There have been many hypotheses about the causes and consequences of the spread of covid19 virus in scientific, medical, political and even public circles around the world, which most of these hypotheses so far have insisted about the military, political and bioterrorism aspects of the virus, especially the fight for viral power between the United States and China.

But what is important the disease has so far affected the state of the international economy in two aspect:

1. Impact on the current world economy by increasing the health care costs of this pandemic and other side sectors of the international economy such as: oil, employment and …

2.Impact on the future of the international economy, the most important component of which can be considered in the significant reduction of the elderly population around the world and the reduction of maintenance costs and ensuring the welfare of the elderly, which are considered by some policymakers as an economic overload.

Should see who will be the winner of the spread of this virus and similar events in the future!

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