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Canadian Contradictions; From indigenous genocide to human rights claims!

NourNews – Canadian officials continue to question the ICAO report as an international aviation authority, seeking to the process of the crash of a Ukrainian plane in Iran, in a case which has plunged itself into the mud of genocide of the country’s natives. The discovery of mass graves of children victims of racism in Canada has made headlines in recent months, but the government is still brazenly claiming human rights.

Despite a small share of the victims of the Ukrainian plane crash, canadian officials are still seeking to politicize the case against Iran, which has plunged itself into the mire of genocidal genocide.

A few days ago, the head of the Canadian Indigenous Cowessess announced at a news conference the discovery of the unmarked tombs of 751 people at Marieval School, formerly a Catholic boarding school, 140 km from Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan.

Less than a month ago, the bodies of at least 215 indigenous children, some as young as three, were discovered at a Catholic boarding school in British Columbia. A similar mass grave has already been discovered in the country, which is clear evidence of the genocide of the country’s natives.

Reports indicate that between 1883 and 1996, in more than 100 years, some 150,000 children were forcibly separated from their families and sent to boarding schools established by the Catholic Church.

The main purpose of this work was to alienate children from indigenous Canadian communities and to prevent the promotion of their mother tongue and traditions and their upbringing in an imposed manner, which could be referred to as cultural terrorism.
Interestingly, these schools were active until 1997, which means that racism and genocide have been a priority for Canadian governments to this day, and so there is no guarantee that this behavior will not continue today.

In this regard; In 2018, a government agency in Canada reported that the risk of death or disappearance of Native Canadian women is still 12 times higher than other women! On the other hand, in the 2018 report of Human Rights Watch, referring to the unhealthy situation of Indigenous Canadians, it is specified that these communities have to boil water to provide their drinking water. Meanwhile, other reports show that 40% of Indigenous Canadians have type 2 diabetes due to malnutrition and lack of access to adequate food.

An article published in the Macleanse database in 2015 states that more than half of Indigenous Canadians have not completed their high school education and only 6% of them have a university degree!

Only 13 percent of Canada’s white population does not have a college degree, and the rest have good education.
A 2019 report by UN Special Rapporteur Leilani Farha warned of the housing situation of Indigenous people in northern Canada: “Indigenous Canadians are more likely to suffer from poor housing and negative health consequences,”They face high levels of homelessness and are highly vulnerable to forced evictions, land grabbing and the effects of climate change.”

Meanwhile, according to a study by the Poverty Institute of Canada, 25 percent of Indigenous Canadians are living in poverty and their incomes are below the annual average, meaning that 1 in 4 Indigenous people living below the poverty line is below the poverty line. .

It is noteworthy that indigenous people are also at the forefront of corona treatment, according to a 2020 report by the Statscan Institute, which shows that in the corona pandemic, more than a third of indigenous people cannot afford it.

Another manifestation of racism against Indigenous Canadians can be found in Canadian prisons. Although Canada makes up a small portion of Canada’s population due to genocide, the number of Indigenous prisoners is very high in proportion to their population.
According to officials, from the Federal Prisoners of Canada, more than 30 percent of Canadian prisoners are Indigenous, and the native prison population has grown by about 44 percent.

This increase in the population of Indigenous prisoners is due in part to the discrimination and economic hardships imposed on Indigenous people and to their forced actions, and in part to the racism in Canada’s governing and judicial structure that treats Indigenous people as criminals.

The situation of Indigenous people in Canada reflects the fact that the humanitarian claims of the Canadian government are more of a gesture to conceal current facts in the country, to which, of course, must be added the crimes of Canadian soldiers abroad.

Hereof; The Guardian reported that Canadian troops had tortured all Afghan detainees in Afghanistan.
Torture is common among Canadian interrogators in Kandahar. Interrogators have even sexually assaulted and beaten Afghan citizens.

Taken together, these cases show that genocide and inhumane acts are systematic at the heart of Canada’s structure, as they do not allow Iranian nationals residing in the country to exercise their legal right to vote and formally infringe on their fraudulent rights.

These current facts in Canada are issues that the governments of this country, including the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, cannot abdicate their responsibility, but to escape from the public opinion court, they continue to lie about cases such as the Ukrainian plane.

In order to prevent the recurrence of mass graves and possible genocides in Canada, it seems necessary to establish independent and free fact-finding teams to study the human rights situation in Canada, especially the situation of Indigenous people.

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