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Behind the Scenes: Saudi-Turkish Rift Escalating on Region Leadership

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The escalating rift between Saudi Arabia and Turkey hit unprecedented level, especially after the Riyadh went into direct confrontation with the Muslim brotherhood group in Egypt supported by the Ankara. Some established sources expressed concerns the political clash between the two countries might get even worse with the Saudi attempts to take the leadership in the region which was a Turkish privilege until recently.
Turkey, Saudi Arabia

Takfiri militant groups in Syria are witnessing continuous collapse in their front as the government forces were able recently to deal them strategic blows in Adra-Damascus, and in Khaldiyeh neighborhood in Homs which was considered their real stronghold. Another development which furthered this effect is the surrender of tens of militant groups to the government forces after the recent clashes between the Nusra front militant and the so called FSA.
Syrian army

Well informed sources has revealed that many European countries have approached Hezbollah or sent messages trying to ameliorate the negative impact of the recent EU decision vis a vis the party, however they were faced with firm tone to stop hypocrisy and to acknowledge publicly their inability to reject US-Israeli dictated directives.

Source: Al Manar

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