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Behind the Scenes: 4000 Militants Killed in Three Weeks

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  • Quattromila members of the military and Takfiri groups were killed and thousands were wounded during the last three weeks as was revealed by military reports which reached the US military command and the Pentagon circles this week.

  • According to many Western intelligence sources, the recent reports coming from Syria reflected a significant shift of balance of military power towards the Syrian government benefit. The Western sources expressed concern this change in the military field has caused a devastating effect on the military factions fighting against the Syrian army that many of them are fleeing the field, surrendering to the government forces or joining them.

  • The G8 countries are mulling an initiative to propose a political solution to the Syrian crisis, this idea was further deliberated between the US and Russian Foreign ministers, the initiative would be based on the soul of Geneva accord.

  • Sources close to the prime minister designate Tammam Salam expressed hope and optimism over a soon cabinet formation; however, observers say it is not likely Salam forms his government in a near future as many obstacles and detriments still need to be solved before that.               
  • Source: Al-Manar Website
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