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Battle of Al-Qusayr Rages As Syrian Army Advances

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The Syrian city of al-Qusayr witnessed on Saturday the fiercest fight since the Syrian army launched the operation against the foreign-backed militants almost nearly a week ago.

Syrian military sources told al-Manar that the Syrian army advanced on Saturday in the area of Hamidiyeh.

The source added that the Syrian armed forces destroyed a vehicle loaded with a 23 mm cannon in the airport of Dabaa in al-Qusayr countryside.

For his part, al-Manar correspondent reported that the armed groups inflicted heavy losses, noting that dozens of militants were killed or injured in the clashes.

He said that militants who are in the back-rows of the battle were asking to be provided with equipments as their supply routes were totally cut.

Our correspondent quoted military sources as assuring that al-Qusayr operation was totally successful as it fulfilled its goal which is to regain the city.

These sources stressed that the Syrian army tightened grip on the areas which was controlled by the foreign-backed militants.

On the other hand, the London-based opposition watchdog, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told Agence France Presse that intense clashes rocked the central city of Qusayr on Saturday.

The head of the observatory, Rami Abdul Rahman, “the fighting and shelling, which took place on Saturday on the main roads inside and outside of Qusayr, are the most intense” since the operation started.

“The town of Qusayr, and the rebel areas north of the town like Hamdiyeh, the former military airport at Dabaa and Arjuneh have been subjected to heavy bombardment by regime forces”, Abdul Rahmad said, referring to the Syrian Army.

Source: Al Manar TV

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