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Bahrainis hold mass protest against Al Khalifa regime

Local Editor

Hundreds of thousands of Bahrainis have held anti-regime protest rallies in the capital, Manama, calling for the establishment of a democratic government instead of monarchy.

The organizing committee of the mass protest on the third anniversary of the uprising in Bahrain announced that up to 300,000 people took part in the pro-democracy rally on Saturday.

The protestors called for establishing a system based on people’s will and respecting civilians’ rights in the tiny Persian Gulf nation.

The mass rally started from the west of Manama. The demonstrators defied all restrictions made by Al Khalifa’s security forces and took part in the magnificent protest rally.

Different revolutionary movements and opposition groups invited Bahrainis to participate in the event from all around the country.

The Bahraini protestors issued a communique calling for the freedom of all political prisoners, halt of the ongoing hearings against revolutionists, formation of a committee for national reconciliation, establishment of a democratic system, participation of people from all walks of life in all security bodies, holding referendum as a source of legitimation to all branches, stop of granting citizenship to foreigners for political purposes and urging the international community to take responsibility toward pro-democracy movement in Bahrain.

The uprising in Bahrain began in 2011, with protesters calling for political reforms and a constitutional monarchy.

However, the demand soon changed to an outright call for the ouster of the Al Khalifa regime following its brutal crackdown on popular protests.


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