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Bahrain sentences injured youth to six months jail

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The Bahraini court sentenced Wednesday the injured Mohamed al-Jazeeri [17 years old] to six months imprisonment on the charge of “illegal gathering”.

Al-Jazeeri, who is a victim of the excessive use of force by security forces against protesters , has lost his left eye sight due to a direct hit with tear gas canister. 
After he fell to the ground, and despite the severity of his injury, a large number of security forces started beating him. 
Mohamed al-Jazeeri was taken home after which he was moved to Sitra medical center, and from there to Salmaniya Medical complex. Instead of being treated, he was interrogated by officers in uniform as well as plain clothes intelligence officers. 
The next day, he was forced to sign prosecution papers, without Allowing him to read the contents. Mohammed al-Jazeeri received further treatment to ensure that he is not at risk of losing sight in his right eye in Dublin, Ireland with the help of the Bahrain Rehabilitation and anti-violence organization BRAVO. 

The organization stated that “If he had received immediate and complete treatment, rather than the threatening atmosphere of police harassment, it is possible that Mohammed could have had a less traumatic experience and overall impact on his physical health”. Neglecting his need for medication, the Bahraini courts sentenced al-Jazeeri to 6 months imprisonment, over participating in protests.

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