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Bahrain Forces Fire Poisonous Bullets on Peaceful Protestors

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Al-Khalifa forces used poisonous gas bullets to target peaceful protesting citizens in Bahrain to kill them rather than to disperse the crowd, Bahrain’s al-Wefaq Party stated in a report.

International human rights organizations have been called by the party to defend Bahraini people’s rights against vengeful acts by al-Khalifa forces for opposing the regime.
Al-Wefaq further added that the use of poisonous arms and gasses has been restricted by rules, but regime security forces violated the simplest restrictions on use of these arms on humans.

On this note, Ali Javad al-Sheikh, 15, was instantly killed due to a shot from a short distance, the report described as an example of first degree murder.
In addition, Mahmud al-Jaziri was the most recent of these killings, in which he was directly shot in the head by forces in February 14, 2013.
For his part, US Secretary of State John Kerry issued a report on human rights matters around the world of the year 2012, mentioning that the most troubling human rights problems in the world is in Bahrain.

“There are many grave violations of human rights in Bahrain, chiefly the arbitrary deprivation of life and detention of individuals on grounds of freedom of expression”, the report said.

Moreover, the report noted information indicating that security forces in Bahrain committed illegal and arbitrary murders.
Human rights groups in Bahrain pointed out that the death toll marked 23 to 29 due to security forces’ shooting whether directly or indirectly, as well as more than 20 deaths due to exposure to teargases.

Also, the document reported that a number of detainees were put in solitary confinement, sometimes at high temperatures, which caused burns in many parts in their bodies. Prisoners further mentioned that officials made them put their shoes in their mouths.

Source: News Agencies

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