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Ayatollah al-Nimr’s resistance and martyrdom

Tehran Times – Three years have passed after the martyrdom of Ayatollah Nimr Baqir al-Nimr; who was brutally executed by the autocratic Saudi regime. Under this dictatorship, one is doomed to death once he calls for injustice and freedom. Ayatollah al-Nimr has been a revolutionary faithful leader; known for his peaceful intellectual resistance, shrewd leadership, humbleness and piety.

al-NimrMartyr Ayatollah al-Nimr has sincerely adopted the methodology of the 7th Century legendary figure of resistance against oppression, falsehood, and terrorism, i.e. Imam Hussein (PBUH). In spite of being armless and powerless, his weapon was his firm stance and his power of argument; a figure who spoke in the name of thousands of oppressed and marginalised in the Arabian Peninsula.

He had been weaponed by an outstanding determination and was executed because he had confronted, with a bare chest, the machine of terrorism, because he had spoken in the name of the deprived, because he argued and convinced and because he exposed the face of the bloody Saudi regime, which pays no respect to the innate human rights.

Ayatollah al-Nimr was tortured and executed to be immortalised as a model for all the oppressed and free nations, who might copy his method and shoulder their duty against the tyrant regimes. Victory or martyrdom had long been his dream; the dream of those who contemplate Islam and assign themselves as the nation’s service; what every the sacrifices would be.

Sheikh al-Nimr’s voice; demanding freedom, rights, and justice, is now resonating in the forgotten Yemen, whose people have determined, since day one, to confront the brutality of the Saudi terrorist Takfiri regime. The victory of the Yemenis has proven that those who follow the school of Imam Hussein’s revolution would never surrender nor compromise with the enemy.

Every arrogant regime would be overthrown only when the blood of the martyrs is preserved, the will is kept and the path is completed. The people of the Arabian Peninsula should follow Ayatollah al-Nimr’s approach and sacrifices, and should never bow before the criminals, who are working hard, day and night, to pass, through their soft war’s methods, the principles of submission and surrender.

Ayatollah al-Nimr’s great character must awaken, enlighten and lead the oppressed people in the Arabian Peninsula, towards freedom and democracy. It is a reminder for them not to surrender to oppression but to resist by all means, as a faithful determination is stronger than the most powerful of all armies.

The most crucial threat id if those people allow the oppressor and the Western hegemonic powers to intellectually siege them. The coming generation must absorb the values of those figures and must appreciate and perpetuate the martyrs’ doctrine.  Ayatollah al-Nimr has been murdered for he resolved to confront the arrogant rulers and had been responsible, patient and most importantly faithful to his homeland and cause.

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