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Assad: We are Preparing for Resistance in Golan

Local Editor

Syrian President Bashar Assad called on all national factions and parties as well as the Palestinian forces to resist the Zionist entity along the Golan Heights.

Lebanese officials visiting Syria told Lebanese paper Al Akhbar that Assad has a long term plan in Golan similar to what the Islamic resistance in Lebanon had achieved in the South. This would include, according to Assad, a continued struggle against Israel.

“The commitment of the Syrian community to resist the Israeli enemy can help fortify the internal struggle facing Syria,” Assad told the officials.

The officials say Assad comfortable because Syria has not only overcome the stage of strategic threat, but also has triumphed with steadfastness throughout this period in light of the fiercest media, political and security campaigns as well as global hypocrisy. “The backbone of the Syrian state is still solid since more than three million Syrian students had conducted their final exams under war,” Assad added.

Assad realizes the importance of the Syrian and Lebanese oil in the next phase, and threats against Syria and Lebanon to protect their oil on land and at sea, Al-Akbar daily reported. “The great battle to come will be on oil, we have to protect our oil in Lebanon, Syria. Oil in the Gulf is controlled the Americans and is used to destroy our country, so we must use our oil in the development of our country and employ its revenues in the conflict with the Israeli enemy,” Assad urged.

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