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Ask Iranian people to aid the hungry in US

Mehr News Agency – Iran’s ambassador to UK reacted to US President Trump’s offensive tweet about Iranian people, telling Trump that he should ask the Iranian nation to help the hungry people in US instead of insulting them.

“Trump, who had previously called the Iranian nation a “terrorist nation” in a blatant form of insult, has now insulted us again by calling us a “hungry nation” who need his pity under the mask of his hypocritical compassion,” Iranian Ambassador to UK, Hamid Baeidinejad, said in reaction to Donald Trump’s recent offensive tweet in which he claimed Iranian people are “hungry for food & for freedom”.

The Iranian envoy went on to add, “this comes as Trump is the president of a country with the greatest booming economy in the world and yet, whose people have been for years struggling with hunger and social class differences.”

“According to official records, such as Feeding America, one in eight people in the US face hunger,” he said. “According to these horrific statistics, 42 million people in America live in hunger, 13 million of whom are children and over 5 million are the elderly.”

Baeidinejad went on add, “Trump would better ask the Iranian nation to help those hungry in the US instead of leveling such unprecedented insults against them, because Iranian people will never turn down his request for help despite their own problems.”

Also in a tweet on Monday, Baeidinejad told Trump to think of people in Puerto Rico instead, half of whom are still without electricity three months after the devastating hurricane hit the country.

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