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Army controls Homs neighborhoods, militants hijack Idlib motorbus

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The opposing UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Thursday that “the Syrian army has controlled the neighborhood of Jobar, south of Homs city, following heavy battles against the opposition fighters which lasted for several weeks”.

In a phone call with the Agence France Presse, chief of the monitor group, Rami Abdulrahman, said “the regime forces have controlled Jobar after militants withdrew from it”, noting that those forces are moving forward into Jobar and conducting clearing operations in surrounding buildings, homes and orchards adjacent to the Sultanieh neighborhood.

“Battles between the Syrian army and the militant groups have been renewed in the two points on 19 January. Since then, the regular army has been able to enter the town of Kafr Aya adjacent to Jobar and Sultanieh”, the AFP news read.

Meanwhile, Syrian media outlets reported that a 45-passenger motorbus has been hijacked in Idlib countryside.

Citing local sources, the reports said “a motorbus has been hijacked carrying 45 passengers, mostly women and children, who were heading to the capital Damascus, returning from Kefraya town in Idlib countryside”.

The sources also made it clear that contact has been lost with the passengers following 1 hour after their departure, weighting that they have been kidnapped by militant groups near the town of Saraqib on a sectarian ground.

“Militant groups in Idlib countryside are imposing blockade on Kefraya for sectarian reasons. No single civilian can get out of the town, while women can move in and out without getting harassed”, the sources said.

“This is the first incident of its kind”, they added.

Source: Al-Manar

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