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Al-Manar Will Always be the Voice of Righteousness against their Crimes

Al-Manar – Saudis have threatened to sell their assets in the United States if Congress passes a bill that deals with the immunity enjoyed by foreign governments, removing it in cases where its citizens are found responsible for attacks that kill Americans on American soil. The 9/11 bill is based on significant data; fifteen terrorists out of the nineteen who carried out the September 11 terror attacks were Saudi nationals and residents of the Saudi Kingdom, and they were barely fluent in English, nor did they know New York.

In light of the vital data, pressure has been mounting from popular and parliamentary opposition on the US government and President Barack Obama, calling for the publication of the 28-page report on the above-mentioned operation. The report, which is still confidential and undisclosed, highlights the Kingdom’s responsibility – as a state and government – to have control over the Saudi financial and religious systems which are widespread in the US.

This group would not have been able to commit a terrorist attack of such magnitude without the direct intervention of both systems in facilitating and managing the complex scheme which requires massive monetary and technical resources, such as plane navigation training, transportation, disguise, housing and communication.

Riyadh has been talking about $750 billion in US assets, treasury securities, and other holdings such as real estate, businesses, and banks, as well as American and Jewish firms which it had merged with in order to support the economy of the United States, the “Israeli” apartheid entity’s biggest sponsor.

Though, it is worth mentioning that both the US and the “Israeli” entity have not spared any Arab or Muslim land or holy shrine from destruction. Both have displaced Arab and Muslim children and have occupied their land; not to forget that it has forced Christians out of the East in a deliberate systematic manner.

However, when speaking of those assets, the Saudis definitely do not have the cultural roots, heritage and history of their people, state or nation in mind. The Saudis have no such cultural asset! To state it bluntly: a kingdom that has pledged allegiance to the West and the “Israelis” since its emergence and vowed to protect their interests for the sake of imposing its rule and authority, let alone neglecting the Arab and Muslim cause in annexed Palestine and turning a blind eye to the Zionist occupation of territories and sanctities, has no cultural asset.

Accordingly, the Saudis lack honor and cultural assets, given the fact that they have reached a serious level of audacity and injustice as they boldly instigate, support, and disseminate global terrorism, after silencing states and international organizations via investments and huge monetary deposits, as is the case with the US.

Moreover, a kingdom that unjustly dares to accuse people, nations, and organizations that are resisting its Zionist masters and Takfiri terrorist sons of terrorism, that they lack honor and cultural assets!

He who buys empty souls and dignities with money, bears in mind the suppression and monopoly of the media and employs it for the glorification of his masters and to cover their crimes in Arab and Muslim countries is inevitably far from honor!

The Saudis might be able to buy the whole US government with their filthy dimes, so that the Americans stop terrorizing them, enabling them to bury their shame forever. They can afford to buy other countries that would benefit from their oil, investments, and deposits in return for the silence of their governments and peoples.

But no matter how much money the Saudis pay, no matter how many governments, organizations, and satellite corporations they buy, let alone the false conferences they organize, they will not be able to silence the Resistance against their crimes and terrorism!

Al-Manar will always be the beacon of truth and justice. It will be heard causing fear among those unjust. It will reach where it is supposed to and it will be where it should be!

But how long will they have the financial ability to buy governments and nations, peoples, and poisoned media platforms? How long will they be able to hide the truth behind their history and their Takfiri terrorist present? How long will they hold the ability to deceive those who blindly follow them, oblivious of their dignity and honor?

All this will not be too far away…it will end soon, and the truth will shine bright, and righteousness will prevail, God willing.

Source: al-Ahed News

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