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Al-Manar on Arabsat Decision: Saudi Won’t Win Battle Already Lost by Israel

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Al-Manar said that Arabsat’s decision to block its broadcast is political, stressing that the Lebanese Communication Group will go on with its policy to stand by the oppressed people in our nation.

Ibrahim Farhat, the General Manager of al-Manar, said that the Arabsat’s decision is not because of professional reasons.Al-Mamar General Manager Ibrahim Farhat

“It’s because of Saudi’s failed policy, starting from Syria and ending by Yemen,” Farhat said during a live interview on al-Manar tv. “Since its beginning, al-Manar was standing by the resistance and the legitimate issues in our nation, on the top of which is the Palestinian cause.”

“They want channels that are of one affiliation. They want channels that seek sedition,” al-Manar director-general said referring to Saudi Arabia, which is the main financier of Arabsat satellite operator.

“They won’t be able to win this battle.. this battle which was already lost by the Israeli enemy in (July) 2006, when this structure was destroyed. However, al-Manar persisted and will do so God willing.”

Earlier on Friday, Arabsat suddenly blocked the broadcast of al-Manar without explanation and in violation of a contract.

Israeli warplanes destroyed al-Manar’s headquarters in Haret Hreik n July 16 2006. However the channel resumed broadcasts within two minutes from a secret back-up studio and never went off the air during the 33-day Israeli aggression.

Source: Al-Manar Tv

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