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Al-Fujairah: The result of crimes of Saudi and UAE

Mehr News Agency – Though Emirates officials are trying to censor news of the firing of tankers in the port of al-Fujairah, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi appear to have faced the consequences of their terrorist acts in the West Asian region much earlier than they thought. Now, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, as two failed actors in Yemen and the Western Asia region, feel the crisis in a few steps. Undoubtedly, in the near future, the severity and extent of the crisis will increase.

YemenThe fact that the killing of innocent and defenseless Yemenis, including thousands of women and children in Yemen by the hated and hated Saudi regime and the United Arab Emirates, has led to the anger of the Yemeni people and other Muslim nations from Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. It has been repeatedly emphasized that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are considered to be the killers of the Yemeni nation and the United States, and they are doomed to failure.

The fact is that all the western and Arab countries that have been killing and massacring Yemeni people are involved in the numerous crimes committed in this country. The humanitarian crisis in Yemen continues. Famine has spread across Yemen. Meanwhile, the United States, and Germany, Britain and France as its allies continue to maintain arms support for the Saudi assassination regime. Undoubtedly, the role of Washington and its allies in the killing of Yemeni women and children is very high.

Finally, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and their western supporters have become closer to the final point of the defeat in Yemen. Following the announcement of the Riyadh and Abu Dhabi official failure in the Yemeni war, the leaders of these two countries must be the answer to the public opinion of Muslim countries and people around the world as a war criminal in Yemen. Undoubtedly there is not much time left to reach this point.

By: Mohammad Ghaderi

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