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Al-Bayan, dialogue against all sedition

Al-Bayan – Introduction the present age has been called the age of crisis of meaning. What is more, many schools of thought, both Eastern and Western, have failed to resolve human spiritual crises. The growth of moral, political, environmental, intellectual, and other crises has pervaded human life to such an extent that his relentless and relentless efforts to find a life-giving version of achieving happiness can be easily seen.

Such a situation has doubled the popularity of the life-giving religion of Islam among different societies. To the extent that even Islam has snatched the lead from Christianity in terms of rapid growth in the West and has incited enemies to Islamophobia and anti-Islamism.

However, within the religion of Islam, there are different religions that have their own teachings despite their commonalities. From extremist schools such as takfiri movements to moderate ideas and ethnic and secular tendencies, they offer various readings of Islam, some of which are on both sides of the aisle and are in complete conflict with the valuable teachings of Islam. And they themselves are the basis for the growth of Islamophobia and anti-Islamism.

In the meantime, the school of Ahl al-Bayt (as), relying on the two basic pillars of Islam, namely the Qur’an and the Ahl al-Bayt (as), which are mentioned in the authentic hadith of Saqaleen, and also benefiting from common sense, believes that human beings multiply in this world. Can be guided to happiness. On the one hand, the Qur’an, as a shining beacon for human beings, has guaranteed the guidance of mankind until the Day of Judgment, and on the other hand, the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him and his family, and the Ahl al-Bayt, peace and blessings of God be upon him.

And there is no doubt, as true interpreters of the book and tradition, they are the guides of human beings towards happiness and salvation, and along with these two, common sense, like the inner messenger, will be the helper of man in this path.

In this regard, “Al-Bayan Foundation for Development and Learning” based on the noble hadith “For the people to know the virtues of our words and follow them” tries to introduce Islam to the world through the lens of thought and practical life of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and his family.

The main goal and mission of the institute is to present a comprehensive Shiite system of thought through interconnection and interaction based on approximation, al-Hawar al-Hawar, and Ta’ish al-Salami.

1. Commitment to a descriptive and systematic approach in introducing Shiism with emphasis on non-Shiite elites;
2. Renovation of the Shiite discourse based on the needs of an international audience;
3. Promoting a culture of dialogue to build critical and constructive discourse;
4. Establishing network relations between Shiite centers and institutions of the world for contemplation and synergy.

1. Database and statistics
Any planning and targeting requires knowledge of the capacities, capabilities and, in contrast, recognizing the shortcomings and threats in Shiite communities. Such a fact doubles the necessity of forming a comprehensive bank that collects and processes accurate and up-to-date information and statistics of personalities, institutions, centers, works, conferences and the like in the field of Shiite studies.

2. Content Production
Al-Bayan produces a range of products addressing issues and problems and priorities for three groups of academic and religious researchers, cultural elites and youth. This collection is only to acquaint the mentioned audiences with Shiite thought in various fields.
Of course, apart from print productions, the production of visual and audio works in the field of Shiite studies is one of the priorities of the institute.

3. Content provision
Due to the lack of scientific resources of centers, institutions, universities and thinkers, the institute tries to provide the required works in various physical, digital and other formats.

4. Holding scientific meetings and specialized workshops
Al-Bayan based on Al-Hawar Al-Hawwar Holds scientific meetings to solve problems and talk openly and at the same time with mutual respect. The purpose of these meetings is only scientific goals and problem solving in various fields and does not seek media and announcement goals.

5. Meetings and Dialogues
Given the conspiracy of the enemies of Islam to separate the scholars and elites of the Islamic world from each other, we believe that close interaction and dialogue is one of the ways to counter the sedition of the enemies and the field of mutual recognition. Al-Bayan seeks to foster these ties and collaborations on the occasional opportunity, and to intensify the human atmosphere and the Islamic Brotherhood.

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