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Al-Aqsa is at the heart of the nation’s struggle for liberation

PalInfo – Israeli attacks on al-Aqsa Mosque have recently escalated in an unprecedented way, in a failed attempt to impose a fait accompli on the Islamic holy shrine. However, these attempts were bravely thwarted by Palestinian worshipers and sit-inners.

Defending al-Aqsa Mosque is not only linked to Palestinians but it is the duty of the entire Arab and Islamic nation.

As Israeli attacks have intensified during the Jewish holidays, the free people in the Arab and Islamic world have also intensified their efforts to defend al-Aqsa by all possible means.

Tariq Al-Shaya, the general coordinator of the Youth League for Jerusalem, told the PIC reporter that the Arab and Islamic nation is still strongly linked to Occupied Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause.

“Through our follow-up and communication with many civil society institutions in most Arab and Islamic countries, we affirm that the Arab and Islamic nation is still linked to Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque more than ever before,” he added.

He went on saying that the Palestinian right is not subject to statute of limitations and that what was taken by force, can only be restored by force.

In this regard, he called on the Arab and Islamic governments to stop and condemn the normalization agreements with the “Israeli entity” and normalization visits to the occupied territories.

Al-Shaya called for raising awareness of the seriousness of popular normalization with “the Israeli entity” in addition to the official normalization.

For his part, Marwah Nassar, a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, stressed that the free people in the Islamic world yearn to defend al-Aqsa Mosque and confront the  settlers’ attacks.

Speaking to the PIC reporter, Nassar said that the Israeli occupation will fail once again to impose a fait accompli in the Islamic holy shrine thanks to the Jerusalemites’ strong steadfastness and determination.

“We must protect Jerusalem with all possible means, especially in the coming days. The Israeli occupation can only be deterred by force.”

No to normalization

Spokesman for Hamas Movement in Occupied Jerusalem Mohammed Hamada explained that the Israeli occupation authority targets Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque encouraged by the unlimited US support and Arab keenness for normalization.

“Our message to the Arab and Islamic nation is to play their entrusted role in defense of al-Aqsa and Jerusalem,” he added.

The Hamas official concluded by calling for mass popular demonstrations in support of Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque.

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