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Al-Ahed Tours At Syria-Jordan Borders

di Hussein Mortada

Daraa is the southern gate to Syria, almost 300 km far from the Jordanian borders and 90 km far from the heart of the capital, Damascus. Daraa is the main gate to trade route to Jordan, Egypt and the Persian Gulf countries.
Through the international route leading to the Jordan borders, we headed to Daraa. Syrian army members were dispersed along the sideways of the roads of cities and villages we passed through. Our first station was Basra al-Sham village, 40 km east of Daraa. The city witnessed turbulences since the beginning of the war launched on Syria more than two years ago due to its strategic location. It is situated in the Houran fields, near Samad Maarabah For and Jamrin villages that are hubs for terrorists in that region. We then took a sandy road, towards the Syria-Jordan borders which extend over 370 km within the districts of Daraa and Sweida. It was not an easy mission to reach the Syria-Jordan borders, we passed through several villages in which the Syrian army has taken posts on the Entrances of these villages to prevent the smuggling of armed terrorists into these villages. Such measures are adopted all the way to the borders of Sweida province villages, adjacent to Daraa province, which armed terrorists tried to invade numerous times. We reached a sand barrier that Separates the two countries, vigilant silence prevails the area, the armed terrorists have opened holes in the sand barrier to smuggle arms and terrorist fighters into Syria, especially that the distance from the borders to Damascus does not exceed 140 km. The smuggling ops of armed fighters and weapons took place before the sight of Jordanian soldiers, by that exploiting interconnected geography. With no complications, this path turns into a one-way smuggling route during the night: Jordan to Syria. An army general sitting at the Syria-Jordan borders told us that the Jordan army at many times participated in clashes trying to infiltrate the armed groups into Syria! A not only he said they facilitated the movement of the armed terrorists and their weapons and helped them reach the sand barriers, but also that they helped withdraw the wounded terrorists and transfer them to hospitals under fire cover! The Jordanian army also did not deny that a number of its personals have been injured in clashes. Jordanian interference in Syria’s war was not restricted to that only. Tens of warplanes carrying arms and military equipment landed during the past few months at night in the Jordan al-Aqaba airport. These are then transferred to the King Abdallah II base of the infantry division. This base was used as training sites for the Syrian terrorists, and preparing them to be special units with of course the help of American trainers. The second base, an airbase, is located in the North-east of Jordan, in the triangle of Jordan-Syria-Iraq borders. Therefore, it is easy to enter Syria via land or air. In that airbase, terrorists are trained on using very precise weapons and missiles, also anti-aircraft weapons.

We reached the official gate to the Jordan-Syria borders, it is the Naseeb border spot check, which witnesses regular movement of travelers and goods, totally opposite to the image publicized by some media outlets, that terrorists have taken control of this post. The Syrian state still holds tight grip of its border Passageway and facilitates the movement of citizens in both directions.
We came back before dusk, through the roads of villages whose people absolutely reject the presence of terrorist groups and reject any Jordanian interference as well.The Syrian army soldiers enjoy high morals, which proves that Syria’s Damascus is not on edge, but rather the borders of this city are firm and undefeated.

Source: al-Ahed news

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