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A pathological liar named Binyamin Netanyahu

By: Khalid Amayreh

In psychology, there is a concept known as projection. It is a defense mechanism that involves taking one’s own ugly qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people. This summarizes the speech given by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu before the UN General Assembly earlier this week.

Netanyahu is probably the most dishonest and mendacious Israeli premier since Ben Gurion. The man often seems trying to compensate his thoughtlessness, dishonesty, ill-will and thuggish character by indulging or overindulging in brazenly malicious lies.

I have been covering the Palestinian Israeli strife for over 35 years, and I don’t remember a more brazenly dishonest and depraved figure. His lies are beyond the pale; his dishonesty is beyond chutzpah.

Netanyahu thinks that what he is doing is a good thing. He thinks that deceiving the world by misrepresenting the facts, even in the most brazen manner, is an expression of talent and ingeniousness. In fact, it is an expression of mental sickness and moral depravity. Otherwise, the Bible wouldn’t have taught “thou shall not lie.”

Speaking before the UNGA, Netanyahu raved and ranted for more than 40 minutes, giving a speech that was decidedly devoid of truth and honesty. He claimed that Hamas was the Palestinian version of ISIS, saying that while the latter killed people by decapitation and beheading, the former (Hamas) was doing the same thing by way of shooting.

Like all liars, he totally ignored the Nazi-like atrocities Israel has been carrying out against the Palestinian people and other peoples of the Middle East.

Indulging in manifestly spurious linguistic sophistry and prevarication, he sought to sell the recent genocidal onslaught by Israel against the virtually totally defenseless people of Gaza by caricaturing the Nazi-like blitzkrieg as a defensive action.

In his morbid efforts to justify the mass murder of innocent civilians in Gaza, Netanyahu shamelessly claimed that Israel was only seeking to protect Israeli children from Palestinian rockets.

He utterly ignored the outstanding fact that he and the rest of the Jewish invaders from Easter Europe are illegitimate foreign occupiers living on land that doesn’t belong to them. This is why all UN resolutions stipulated the repatriation and indemnification of Palestinian refugees expelled from their ancestral homeland at the hands of Zionist thugs.

After all, the Palestinians didn’t go to Poland or Russia to attack these Jews in their native lands. It was these evil invaders that invaded Palestine¸ murdering untold numbers of its peaceable people, destroying their homes and villages, and expelling millions of people all over the globe. Yet, this shameless thug has the chutzpah to lecture the world on Palestinian “terror”.

Hamas is not perfect. No liberation movement struggling against a Nazi-like occupier of its homeland is perfect. Even the African National Congress of Nelson Mandela was not perfect. None the less, Hamas remains a national liberation group in its own right. Hamas was elected by the people of Palestine in fair, free and transparent elections.

The Palestinian people, who are amongst the most cultured and educated peoples in the Middle East, don’t choose terrorists as their leaders. We all know who chose certified terrorists, such as Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Ariel Sharon, and this thug Netanyahu, as their leaders. You just can’t hide the sun with a sieve as the adage goes. True, Hamas refuses to recognize Israel. But why should it when Israel refuses to recognize Palestine.

In truth, Hamas is just doing what any people under the sun would do if and when they and their homeland come under attack by foreign invaders.

Netanyahu: The perfect Judeo-Nazi

Netanyahu is by no means an accidental liar. He hails from a political movement that has striking similarity with Adolph Hitler’s Nazism.

Zionism is a movement that is based on mendacity, criminality and racism.

The Nazis preached the morbid Master Race- concept, which made them embark on some of the most diabolical crimes against humanity.

Likewise, the Zionists did the same thing, by preaching the Chosen People’s concept, thus giving the “right” to murder non-Jews and dispossess them of their property.

The Nazis preached untermenschen and ubermenschen, while Zionist Jews preached “the goyem.” The Nazis adopted the policy of Lebensraum against their neighbors while Zionist Jews indulged in intensive ethnic cleansing as well as intensive settlement-building against the Palestinians for the purpose of forcing them to leave.

In both cases, Zionism and Aryan Nazism, brazen racism, malicious propaganda and brutal military force constituted the modus operandi.

Lives of non-Jews have no sanctity

When interrogated by the police a few years ago, a Jew from Netanya, north-east of Tel Aviv, was asked why he decapitated a Palestinian cabbie who had just given him a ride from Jerusalem, the French immigrant, shrugging his shoulders and without patting an eyelash, simply said, “our neighborhood synagogue’s rabbi told us that according to the Talmud the life of a non-Jew has no sanctity and that a Jew may slaughter a goy (non-Jew) without any feeling of guilt”.

This sick and sickening mindset is not confined to one or few Jews. This is more or less the prevailing mentality all over Israel today.

When an Israeli air-force pilot was asked whether he felt any guilt upon launching missiles that would kill Palestinian children, he answered: “No, I always sleep well, with no feelings of guilt.”

Now, is there any difference of substance between sending people to a concentration camp and raining missiles and laser-guided bombs on them? Which leads us to another question: Is there a difference of substance between what Israel is doing to the Palestinians and what the Nazis did to their victims several decades ago.

Yes, Israel has not murdered six million Palestinians. But the brutal, ugly mentality, the evil ideology and the barbarian racism are the same in both cases. In the final analysis, you don’t have to murder six million in order to qualify for the epithet “Nazi.” In fact, Israeli and Jewish circles hurl the word “Nazi” at anyone who dare criticize Israeli racism and criminality. So, if an Israeli is killed or injured, it is a “Nazi act…It is a holocaust.”

But if a Palestinian or a European calls the murder and maiming of tens of thousands of Gazans at Israel’s hands a “genocidal act,” then this is sheer anti-Semitism!!!!

I believe that overindulgence in lies and baseless propaganda is a definitive sign of moral and political bankruptcy. People who have the truth on their side don’t need to lie. But Netanyahu lies and knows he is lying. This is why his closest friends in Washington don’t believe him.

Is this going to make him refrain from what he has always done best, namely lying to the world?

I doubt it. Netanyahu is not evil because he is lying. He is lying because he is evil. How else can we relate to a man who has just murdered and maimed thousands of innocent people and utterly destroyed entire towns and is still claiming  to be a victim of terror. Even Netanyahu’s ultimate mentor, Adolph Hitler, didn’t do this.


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